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Karate Women at Seattle's Feminist Karate Union Spring 2013

The Feminist Karate Union offers a unique opportunity for women to train in a traditional martial art that engages both body and spirit. Founded in 1971, we are the longest-running karate school for women and children in the United States.

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Karate for Women


Are you looking to get in shape, improve your balance, or learn self-defense?


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Karate for Kids - Feminist Karate Union, Seattle

Karate for Children


Give your child the gift of confidence! Karate training increases the growing child's strength, coordination, and mind-body connection.

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Karate 101 for Women


An introductory 8 week karate program for women. Learn the basics of this traditional art; increase your fitness, coordination, and balance; and practice some practical and highly effective self-defense skills. Great holiday gift for someone you care about. Next session begins Thursday January 19, 2017-- sign up today.



Kids' Karate Classes


Are you thinking about karate for your child? Potential new students can try a class for free, as well as enroll, the first week of each month. Visit our Karate for Children page for the dates and more information.



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