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Karate Women at Seattle's Feminist Karate Union Spring 2013

The Feminist Karate Union offers a unique opportunity for women to train in a traditional martial art that engages both body and spirit. Founded in 1971, we are the longest-running karate school for women and children in the United States.

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Karate for Women


Are you looking to get in shape, improve your balance, or learn self-defense?


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Karate for Kids - Feminist Karate Union, Seattle

Karate for Children


Give your child the gift of confidence! Karate training increases the growing child's strength, coordination, and mind-body connection.

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Karate 101 for Women


An introductory 8 week karate program for women. Learn the basics of this traditional art; increase your fitness, coordination, and balance; and practice some practical and highly effective self-defense skills. Great holiday gift for someone you care about. Next session begins Thursday April 9, 2015 -- sign up today.



Karate Summer Camp for Kids


Save the dates of August 3 - 7 for Karate Kids' Summer Camp. Online registration is now open.



Thank You for Your Support!


Thanks to everyone who sponsored our students through all 1,010 kicks! And thanks to Central Physical Therapy for donating the pizza afterwards. It's not too late to still donate online!


Kids' Karate Classes


Are you thinking about karate for your child? Potential new students can try a class for free, as well as enroll, the first week of each month. Visit our Karate for Children page for the dates and more information.



Karate at APP Lincoln, Thurgood Marshall, and Fairmount Park


Winter term ends March 18 at Thurgood Marshall and Fairmount Park, and March 19 at Lincoln. Spring term will being on March 23 at Thurgood Marshall and Fairmount Park, and March 24 at Lincoln. Contact us for more info, or pre-register online.



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Join us on FaceBook -- become a fan on our page. Even if you're not on FaceBook you can still view our fan page. Keep up on our news, photos, and more.


Holiday and Snow/Inclement Weather Closures


View our Facebook page (http://www.Facebook.com/FeministKarateUnion) for the most up-to-date status (you do NOT have to be a Facebook member to see this page).





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