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While you’re there, check out photos from our Spring Demonstration and the Hayashi-ha Cup Tournament.


Blackbelt testing, Sacramento, CA 2018

Sensei Nancy Yamaguchi (Left), Sensei Judy Lytle, Sensei Aleeta Van Petten, Sensei Tracey Drum, Mary Anderson


Spring demonstration, Seattle, WA, 2015

Sensei Kim Jarvis (Left), Sensei Jennifer Sweigert, Sensei Joanne Factor. See photos from the 2019 Spring Demo here.



Founded in 1971, we are the longest-running karate school for women and children in the United States.

The Feminist Karate Union offers a unique opportunity for women to train in a traditional martial art that engages both body and spirit.


Saturday Morning Class, 2019


- A little bit of history -

Check out Blackbelt Magazine articles about and by FKU’s founder, Py Batemen.


At the Seattle Pride Parade in 1995


At the Feminist Karate Union, sometime in the early 2000’s