We offer a number of classes for adult students and children.

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Classes at FKU

Are you looking to get in shape, increase your balance and coordination, or learn some self-defense? Karate will get you on track. Karate engages your mind as well as body. Karate is an excellent lifetime activity that can be adapted to your changing needs and abilities. Come and gain confidence, strength, coordination, and mind-body connection. And you'll have fun in a safe, supportive, and sweat-inducing environment.

Women and children of all ages and aptitudes are learning and enjoying karate. We can individualize your training to adapt for many types of physical challenges.

Students are encouraged to attend as many classes as they can. Check out our available classes at the bottom of the page.

Here is an explanation of what you can expect as you begin your training.

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Monday Night Tournament Class. Front Row: Mary & Tomas; Middle Row: Linet & Josie; Last Row: Phoebe & Henry

Karate 101


Karate 101 is an 8-week program that will give you more than a taste of what karate can do for you. You will discover your strongest self. During this 8 week beginners' program, you will learn the basics of this traditional art; increase your fitness, coordination, and balance; and practice some practical and highly effective self-defense skills.

The Thursday evening class is devoted specifically to this program. But you are encouraged to join the Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday all-levels classes!

Tuition for this introductory program is $99 -- a savings of $71 off the regular monthly tuition! Contact us for more information. Or sign up HERE!

Karate 101 will begin on these Thursdays in 2019: January 17, April 18, July 18, September 19. Wear comfortable clothing that will allow you to move freely. Karate uniforms (“gi”) are available at the dojo as well. We train in bare feet, but if you need shoes for orthopedic reasons, they should be non-scuffing, indoor footwear that you use only for karate.

Karate 101 will begin on these Thursdays in 2020: January 9, April 9, July 2, September 3.


Elementary School Programs

elementary school program.jpg

We offer karate as an after-school program at Cascadia Elementary School two afternoons a week, at Thurgood Marshall Elementary School two mornings a week, and Fairmount Park two afternoons a week. Classes are open to children attending these schools, grades 1 - 5. Tuition for this program is paid three times during the school year, rather than monthly. Please see our Dues Page for costs and payment options. Financial assistance is available, please speak with the instuctor, PTA, or Family Support Worker.

Cascadia - since July 2000. Class is held on Tuesday and Thursday after school. For new students at Cascadia: Please contact KidsCo to register. All payments at Cascadia are to KidsCo.

Thurgood Marshall since September 2009. Class is held at Thurgood Marshall Elementary School on Monday and Wednesday mornings before classes begin.

Fairmount Park since September 2014. Class is held at Fairmount Park on Monday and Wednesday afternoons.

PRE-REGISTER HERE. For new students at Thurgood Marshall and Fairmount Park: Please pre-register, and we will then email you the Registration Packet. Please return those forms, along with payment, directly to the karate teachers the first day of class. Please do not bring to the school office, or to your child's teacher.

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